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Oracle of Adoption

  • 10/31/07: Citizenship Ceremony at USCIS. Finally Marissa is a US Citizen!

  • 10/17/06: Mailed N-600 (application for US Citizenship) to USCIS

  • 10/16/06: Post Placement visit completed

  • 5/16/06: Court date for re-adoption

  • 4/17/06: Began re-adoption process

  • 3/16/06: Our little Mayan Princess finally arrives in the US!!

  • 3/13/06: Marissa placed in our arms - united as a family forever. Six months to the day after the referral.

  • 3/2/06: Pink! We have pink! Embassy appointment is for 3/14/06. We leave for Guatemala on 3/12/06.

  • 2/24/06: GCBC issued! Must be a record! We didn't find out though until 2/28...but that's ok because at that time we also learned that we had a passport and had been submitted for pink! Talk about a FAT TUESDAY!

  • 2/16/06: Protocolo signed. GCBC requested on 2/17.

  • 2/14/06: Out of PGN! Happy Valentines Day to us!

  • 12/21/05: Entered PGN

  • 12/12/05: Pre-Approval Issued! Also found out we went into Family Court on 10/28/05 and got out on 11/22/05.

  • 11/28/05: Received 3rd report from case worker with medical report and new pictures. Frijolito has herself a little personality!

  • 10/25/05: Received 2nd update from Guatemalan case worker with medical report and updated pictures

  • 10/19/05: DNA is a match! Certified and sent to the US Embassy. DNA was done on birthmom and baby on 10/7/05 but we never knew it.

  • 10/10/05 - POA delivered to agency. Delay was due to Hurricane Rita in Houston and then wrong date stamp by Consulate.

  • 09/19/05 - Dossier DONE and delivered to agency. We also received our 1st Report from the Guatemalan Case Worker with medical information and pictures of the baby! Baby's nickname is "frijolito".

  • 09/13/05 - Referral of baby girl born on 8/20/05!!!

  • 08/12/05 - Received I-171H approval fro USCIS!

  • 07/23/05 - Fingerprinted at USCIS office

  • 07/14/05 - Home Study mailed to USCIS

  • 06/24/05 - Home Study done

  • 04/08/05 - Mailed I-600A to USCIS